There are many different breeds of fishermen. Hardcore Anglers, the Fly Guys, Gearheads, etc. also there is one type of fishermen that seems to be more common than any other. the weekend warrior, as fisherman like to put it, seems the most common breed.  Dillon Reservoir and Weekend Warriors go together like bread and butter. Here’s why: First off, Dillon Reservoir is only about an hour and a half outside of Denver. This makes for a shorter drive than places such a Spinny or North Delaney. Fish do not grow as large but are still a decent size compared to other fish in different locations. Those other locations can be 2 hours or more to get to and the conditions can be unbearable. Dillon Reservoir also provides some of the best scenery in the whole state. Beautiful mountains and golf courses along with crystal clear streams running in at several different points. The lake also provides an abundance of nature. Bald eagles are regularly seen and it is not uncommon to see coyotes running in the forest or a moose forging in the willows along the Blue River Inlet.  all of these things make for a great family-friendly place. Another great thing about Dillon is the shore access. unlike other places in the state, Dillon can be accessed from almost anywhere on the lake. This gives you greater opportunity to catch fish year round. Dillon also doesn’t tend to have such harsh weather conditions.